Très contente de participer à cette édition de Sonohr radio et podcast festival à Berne ! Merci à toute l’équipe !

Ce dimanche pour la Ear Lesson 3:

Is Voice Over Over ? – Producing Multilingual Audio

autour de mon travail avec Jana Klein sur « Même morts nous chantons » – pièce 2018

Merci à eCHo

with Marie Guérin and Lory Martinez,

moderation: Isabelle Cornaz and Céline Carridroit

In our multilingual society in a multilingual country, we face the problem that our content is often only understandable to a small audience. Audio pieces that work in different languages would be an absolutely Swiss thing, but little exists in the field. How do we change that? How do we adapt content for different audiences, playing with emotions and musicality? How do we create multilingual pieces that build bridges between the languages in such a way that listeners continue to listen even if they don’t understand everything? Can audio documentaries be a way to preserve minority languages?

Lory Martinez is a journalist and podcast producer from Queens, NYC, with Colombian roots, who moved to Paris. She is the founder of Studio Ochenta, a multilingual podcast studio.

Marie Guérin is a sound artist from France (Brittany), working for radio and on stage. She manipulates sound recordings and radio archives. Her work interrogates field immersion and sound heritage.

Presented in collaboration with eCHo.